There are a lot of self-help online guides that help us grow deeper into respective subjects. But as the old saying, before running, first learn to walk. This is tough especially when we do not even know how to start. Welcome, you are at the right place.

The purpose of this site is to point out the way and how to make that first few steps. The guides are design with intuitively in mind. Hopefully they can help you up to track. Then, the info that you Google would make sense to you.

Uncle Teach YouHow to

Install App to iPhone with Cydia Impactor Photoshop for beginner Illustrator for beginner Convert files Code a website with HTML Procrastination Pomodoro

and the list grows...

Load an app into iPhone with Cydia Impactor.

Guide on how to load unsigned iOS IPA app into iPhone/iPad with Cydia Impactor without jailbreak.

Sign up Apple Developer ID.

Guide on how to get an Apple Developer ID that can be used to impact IPA onto iPhone/iPad with Cydia Impactor.